Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New and Improved!

A new flavor of Fat Baby has been developed!
We've taken Naked and given it a new twist.....
Now Introducing - With Bubbles!!!!!

Coming to a bath tub near you!

Monday, January 28, 2008

T minus 5 days

We can't believe it. Alex is moving on.
She is leaving our dog-farty, baby whining, silly song singing,
guitar hero playing house for beautiful San Diego.
Hmmm...that doesn't make it sound like much of a decision....
Anyways, we're really gonna miss her. And by miss her, I mean that every time I hear her packing, I get sad. I try to tell Miss M to soak up all the Alex she can, but it doesn't do any good. Really the only semi-ok thing is that Miss M will get to move into Alex's "big girl" room. We're hoping that if we move Miss M into Alex's room, maybe some Alex will rub off on her, and she'll turn out as well as Alex did.
This sunday, as a last harah, Alex arranged a great outing for the family. Handygram (Grandma Linda) and Randy came over.... just in time for the limo to pick us up and take us to the Ryde Hotel for brunch!

had a pretty good time. She didn't seem too into the super yummy roasted duck, but she had some bread.

Did I mention the duck was super good. As in wow.... I was almost too embarrassed to go back that last time... but then I saw that the servers changed and the new server hadn't seen me those other times... so I just walked up all "Oh! Duck! I totally haven't been over to this table ALL morning...may I please have my FIRST helping of duck?".
Ahem. Anyways.
Oh, and there has been some anti-San Diego sentiment on the black board lately.

And a few pro-San Diego threats.....
But in a couple more days, it will all be over.
All the Big Spoon runs and before those, the Sundaes on Sundays. The popcorn, trips to the market and all those times Miss M would only smile for Alex. Ah, thems were some good years!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Party all night, diverticulitus all day.

Mr. Zimny was sooooo obliging and watched little Miss M while I traveled to Santa Rosa for Meeshmellow's big 30 bash. It was at the winery that Winemonkey works at, which was oh-my-gosh-the-best-idea-ever. Or OMGTBIE.
I am awaiting photos to post, but the party involved great friends, great food, great wine and a fire pit. Need I say more?!
Well I will later. When I get pics up.
The next morning I received a distress call from Mr. Zimny. It seems he was compensated for his great spousal and parenting skills with extreme abdominal pains. Donny treated him to a ride to the emergency room. Oh, and Donny took Miss M, poopy diaper and all because he is one of the best grandpas ever.
After 12 hours in the emergency room, Mr. Zimny was diagnosed with gallbladder stones and diverticulitis. He is now at home, resting and trying to recover. It's a bit of a slow road. Because if he doesn't get better on this medication.... it's the chopping block. That's right - abdominal surgery. 'Cause it's soooo much fun.
It looks like he'll have to cut out all those meals of seeds and popcorn kernels doused in hot sauce.

We've hit the big time.

So, you know you've struck it big when the pseudo-celebrity that you kinda made fun of actually responds to the blog entry!!!
Wow... and I thought this was just a little blog about the Lloyd house residents.
If you haven't kept up with all the hullabloo,
I made a blog entry about how this guy (click to see)
has a funny shaped butt. Come on, it's true.
When I saw the comment, I was convinced it was Mr. Zimny,
or the (still too cool for us) friends down in LA,
pretending to be Mr. Maynard. So I emailed him.
And oh yes friends, it's him. In all his pseudo-celebrity-dom.
Crazy, huh?! I know.
So, that's about all in the land of the Lloyd house*.

*Oh, and Meeshmellow's 30th birthday party was freaking fanstastic, and Mr. Zimny had to go to the hospital and whatever.
I'll get to that later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow. A lesson in anatomy.

Through a weird series of events, I was introduced to this website http://www.tronguy.net/
Oh, who am I kidding? Mr. Zimny bought Tron on DVD. He told some (super savvy, so savvy that I'm a little surprised they stoop to our level) friends that he bought it, they made fun of him and sent him the URL for Mr. Maynard..he told me about it....
Check out the website.... don't worry, I'll wait.

There are soooo many things I could say here. I'll only pick one.

Who's ass looks like that?!
Oh wait, a grown man in a unitard. Right.
You know, it's not that he's over weight, or that he is making a costume.

Those are the very least of the problems here.
It's that his ass is square.
Square as in it has corners.
And yet still sports an extremely short crack.
It's like someone smuggled a cracked box into the back of his unitard.
I hope that is the only time in my life I'll have to type that line.
Once is too many.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey! Look at my fat baby!

Fat baby comes in two flavors.


And With Hat:

Really it's your choice, but I recommend ordering Naked.
It's pretty fun.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Err... Excuse #485: Haven't figured it out yet

Ok, so I'd love to give you some great excuse for the lack of updates.
I could say something about how busy the holidays were and visiting family
and life is happening and blah, blah blah.
But the lack of cute pictures and video really comes down to the fact that
Mr. Zimny and I (ok Mr. Zimny) bought a new video camera to document
Miss M's first real present opening Christmas.
We took all kinds of video and yada yada. It was great.
But we have yet to actually get the video in digital form to put on el interneto.
It involves more than just downloading the video from the camera,
therefor it is too difficult.
But we will prevail! It will be figured out. There will be triumph!