Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh, and did I mention........

M has started pre-school! She took a liking to it right away, I mean they had baby dolls and a play kitchen, what is not to like?!

On her first day she had a the tough realization that, unlike she previously believed, it was not always her turn. By the second day she had more patience, and now she's willing to wait without wailing.

She loves her classroom, circle time and singing songs. It is great to have her come home with new words and skills. And! She gets to ride the bus to her daycare after school! It is a big 'ol yellow school bus with special harnesses on the bench seats to keep little ones strapped in. M also loves this part of the day, especially since the kids at daycare wait for her outside at the curb. Don't worry, I'll get pictures!