Friday, September 12, 2008

The best weeks ever, part II.

Oh yeah. So there was something else that happened last week too.

I turned in this:

Pssst.... it's my dissertation.
You know, that 150 page THING.
The last THING that was standing between me and my Ph.D.
Yeah, that.
It's a pretty boring read unless you are into structural dynamics of metal centered species. With my data analysis skillz, I've come up with a summary for you:

Although that graph was not included in the actual paper, I think it sums up things pretty well.
It is also directly related to this graph:

All in all it comes down to a simple exchange. I traded these three signatures:

for this one:

I don't mean to get all mathematical with proportions and junk, but when you think about it, what does it say about those three people?!
They spent years in their education, then more years doing research, getting grants, trying to save the world and whatever, and all three of their signatures combined are only worth one signature by a counselor.
A woman in an office with a little rubber finger-y thing who makes sure all my pages are numbered.
Don't get me wrong. She is a great woman.
A woman who rang a bell and announced to the entire (non interested) office that I was officially Dr. Porter and then shook my hand.
But still. It's three scientist to one her.
I think that's odd, yet totally makes sense in a way.
Maybe that is what my next paper will be about.....

Not even sure what to post first.

Ok. So it's been a couple weeks. A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN THOSE COUPLE OF WEEKS.

I'll start with the most amazing....

This was 2 weeks ago.....

And now this week:

We are a little ecstatic about the new developments, especially because they come with all kinds of fun new things. Like skinned knees, playing chasing games, the ability to wear dresses, and the realization that if you carry the ball, the dogs will come. It's been a good couple weeks.

Here is Miss M and her daddy: