Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Uh.... how did this happen

How is it that we have a 1 year old?! I can remember back when I was pregnant... geez... I can remember back before we were married... and now all of a sudden Maryn is a whole year old.
We keep telling her that since she is old and worn out we're gonna sell her back. She calls our bluff.
Last weekend we had a birthday party for the little miss M. It was fun, she was super cute.
Uncle Larry, who has been doing some professional photography, was kind enough to take some pictures of the whole shindig.

First bite of cake:

She has a great time opening presents:

We survived a whole year.... only like 50 to go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I had a vision... an x-ray vision that is

Question - What is the difference between this:
and this:

Answer - The possibility of a Graduate Degree.

Oh, and all the little dots are x-rays. But whatever.

That's right non-believers. I am about 8 steps closer to really graduating.
It might actually happen.
And by might, I mean it better damn well happen.
And soon. 'Cause I don't know who is more likely to break down, me or the machine.
Who am I kidding, it's totally the machine.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

She'll tell you all about it.

Maryn will tell you all about how her teeth hurt:

It's so ridiculous it's a little cute. In a pathetic way.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Roseola?! That sounds delicious!

Evidently, the undergrads in my lab think that Roseola sounds something like Ravioli, which is yummy.
Sooooo.... Maryn was diagnosed with Roseola this week. I don't know how they could tell, the only real clue was this:

Yeah, that's right. A rosey rash. All over her body.
We're just about done with it so on with the funny part.

We've come up with some illnesses that are worse than roseola:
Boboliola - when your face looks like homemade pizza
CocaColaeola - when your skin gets all bubbly.
Bonoboleola - When you look like a miniature chimpanzee
Scorpioleola - When you start blogging about your family on the net.
Bozoeola - when your nose gets all red and swollen. Crap. Maryn might have had this.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

24 hours and 3 degrees

This weekend: Approximately 98 degrees F. Generally perfect*.

Monday: Approximately 101 degrees F. Wholly cow, pissed off.

It's amazing what a few degrees can do to the happiness level of a baby.
Maryn isn't doing so hot right now, but she's getting though it.
At least we were able to have an excellent weekend with her at the cabin.
Hopefully it'll all blow over soon.

*data might be skewed. So what.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Halloween was a total success this year in all aspects.

First, this was the first year I've dressed up that I didn't have to make
an emergency "Mom?!" call to get my/Brian's costume together.
Maybe I'm almost grown-up.

I was a devil, Brian and Chris dressed as the Guinness Guys (click to view):

We thought it was Brilliant!

Maryn was a .....

Because seriously, she's got the chicken thing down:

But later that night she had a change of mind. She started to contemplate her future....

She's thinking about how astronauts get more T.V. coverage than chickens.

Other than that, Alex and I successfully created spooky cupcakes for Maryn's daycare.

Can you say yummy?
I can confirm that Martha Stewart is in fact a demon and has successfully possessed me. Anyone know a good exorcist?

Tooth Watch, Month 11. The month she figured out it hurts.

We've had to update the data:

As you can see, we were on a good course until tooth 3. Then all heck broke loose. Extrapolating from this data, I anticipate super complainy-ness for tooth 4.

Or, as Brian puts it:

Now that the first top one is out, she seems to be happier, but it was very whiny there for a couple days! The next top one is coming in soon, so we're stocking up on baby Tylenol.