Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hittin' the Road

Somewhere along the way it occurred to us that the family room was A) not the only place a bike can be ridden and B) not the best place for a bike to be ridden. I think it happen about the time M noticed her bike was conspicuously missing from the family room and asked for it back.
The situation motivated us to take our kid out side to ride her bike like normal parents would.

It was a resounding success, until the last 5 seconds of the evening when she tried to ride it up the driveway and tipped over in the gutter, earning herself a skinned knee. But then she hopped back up and rode her bike all the way to the front door, took it into the house and then into the family room. Old habits....
Like with many things as of late (horseback riding, funderland, camping outside, helping around the house, playing at the playground) we managed our expectations, not knowing if she will be able to handle the new challenge. But a few minutes into it we look at each other and shrug because she's totally getting it and it's going much better than we hoped. It makes us wonder, of all the things that could hold her back, are we the biggest?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beating the Heat

So... there is nothing quite like an afternoon where you mix scorching heat, water, a swing set and subtract clothing.

In all honesty, I can't believe this didn't happen sooner....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We tried to take advantage of our mutual time off this summer and have some fun with M. Funderland had been a long time goal and we finally got to go!
If you've never been, it's a small amusement park near the zoo here in town. It's a perfect place to take a 5 year old on a mild summer day. The lines aren't too long, there are sno-cones to be had and it's just enough to be exciting but not too big that you need to dedicate more than a couple hours. 
We used the experience to test out if M could handle the noise that amusement rides make. She seems to be a little sensitive and since we're planning a trip to Disneyland later this year we thought it would be a good test run. 
Good news: The noise doesn't scare her.
Bad News: Nothing scares her. 
She wanted to go on every ride, including the fastest one that even goes backwards. She wanted to do that one by herself. I can see Disneyland being both intensely fun
and excruciatingly frustrating for her.
 Eh, we'll worry about that when we get there!

On the other hand, Funderland was a smashing success! 
The Tea Cups - They were definitely the fastest spinners!

Pinned to the inside of the cup!

The Red - er - White Baron 
The Dragon roller coaster. A little scary at first, but then all fun!

The Carousel is always a favorite

Can't wait to go back when Reno, Oz, Miles and Ripples are big enough!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


After the chicks take their dust baths they are like ticking time bombs of dirt. You don't want too get to close when they are ready to shake!
According to BZ, "Afterbath" is the aftermath of a chicken dust bath.