Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not sure what this means....

Today my students gave presentations on thier research projects. It is usually a good day in class because the projects are interesting and spark a lot of discussion. One of the projects was about the use of high fructose corn syrup. This picture was used in the presentation:
The picture was sited as coming from, but I instantly knew that was wrong. I knew that was wrong because I know it's a Natalie Dee cartoon. Of course I do. It's from 2006. I mean hellooooo... who wouldn't know that? Oh... right.. most.other.people.
So I'm not sure what this means.... but evidently I'm a better referece checker due to my religious daily viewing of online cartoons. Uh, go me?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hair Update

Ok, so it's been awhile.. but I'm going to try to catch up on a few things that have happened in the last, months? Geez... we are behind!
Well, I'm doing this a little backward because I'm starting with this morning. Something happened that inspired me to announce it to the blogosphere.

Let me make it a little more clear in case you didn't see it at first glance:

This was one epic case of bed hair.... it was a sight to be held. From past data, we can see that the situation is only getting worse. I'm thinking she's destined to be a hair model for that Hair Battle Spectacular t.v. show...

Now that I have you distracted with the 8th wonder of the world...I'll work on my other posts!