Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bribery.... Lloyd House Style

I'm sure every parent has those moments when they find themselves saying or doing something they said they would never do. 

Tonight I started laughing in the middle of saying .."Now Maryn, after you eat ONE bite of ice cream, you can have a piece of candy."

That's right. I was attempting to get my daughter
to eat ICE CREAM*... by BRIBING her with CANDY*
Half way through the sentence I realized how ridiculous I sounded. 
BZ started laughing at the same time and said "Wouldn't it be wonderful if she learned how bribery worked from this?! That would be awesome!"

Truth be told... we've been working on this bribery thing for a while, just trying to get her to understand the cause and effect, and that by doing something we want, she'll get something she wants. 
It's been a bust until tonight, when a little light went off.
It's almost like you could see her thinking..
"A bite of ice cream for a piece of candy... doesn't seem so bad."
Followed shortly by "Yeah... I've got them trained... finally."

So, a real banner night in the Lloyd house, if do I say so myself. 

*ice cream = nonfat frozen yogurt
*candy = chocolate chips