Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Confused* (#116)

Why is it that the muffin top is the best part of the muffin
....and yet on people the "muffin top" is not so fantastic.
Upon further investigation,
it appears that muffin tops (the good kind)
can cause muffin tops (the not so good kind).
Doesn't that violate some law of physics?

*This post brought to you by blueberry streusel muffins

Sunday, August 16, 2009

That's Miss Egghorn to you.

For 36.5 hours we were the skeptical adoptees of a pretty but small chicken that flew into a friend's yard.....
it took the chicken 36 hours to start crowing.
It took Mr. Zimny 0.5 hours to find it a new home.
During that 36 hours, our hen, Ms. Leghorn laid an egg. The first egg!
There was much documentation:

As you can see, it was a bit smaller than a store bought egg, but that didn't stop us from cookin' it up:

Since then I have been working under the "if you cook it, they will come" theory that states that if I cook things that require eggs, the chickens will start producing eggs.
FYI: Things that use a lot of eggs are 1) fattening 2) super yummy 3) starting to accumulate in the kitchen.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A whole new world.....

We are presently living a world of false alarms, as Miss M announces every 5 minutes that she has to use the potty. However, there has been some successes, as documented here:

On the 5th we started keeping a record, only marking when there was announcement of the need for the potty, then actual follow through with use of the potty.

It looks like it will be a long road ahead, but we like where this road is leading!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This week Miss M has been spending a lot of time in the bathroom (more on that later). She has noticed that our dog, Beta sleeps in the shower (she pronounces it sow-er) to stay cool on hot days. She is now a little obsessed with getting in the shower with Beta. Of course Beta promptly leaves whenever Miss M enters the shower, but this does not stop her from standing in the shower demanding that Beta (or Friday) get in the shower with her.

This week, after a long conversation of:
M: "Mama, sow-er!"
Me: "Yes, I see the shower"
M: "Bait-a! Sower!"
Me: "Beta is in the bedroom, sorry"
M: "Mama, sow-er!"
.....on and on,
I left her in the bathroom hoping she would give up and come find me. But all I kept hearing was "Mama, sow-er!", followed by her pounding on the door in frustration. After a few minutes I went in to try a new method of distraction (ie: "M, I think Elmo is on!") and found this:

Is it wrong that I waited until after I had taken pictures to let her out?