Monday, July 30, 2007

Flying By!

The last couple of weeks have been flying by!

Miss M and I made a trip out to see Dr. Werner ( and enjoy some loveliness. We started out with a trip to Blind beach on Saturday to meet some of Dr. Werner's friends. Good people by all accounts, and the beach was perfect.

Then it was home for de-sandification and good food.

Miss M took to the papasan chair-crib quite well.

On Sunday we ate a nice lunch, followed up with lavender ice cream from Screaming Mimi's. You might think that sounds gross... but it was really (!) good. Everyone kept asking us what type of ice cream my SON liked best.
Now I have no problem with people making mistakes about the gender of my baby. I think she looks like a boy, really, I get it.
So to make it clear to everyone, I had dressed her in a pink frilly dress and a hair clip in her hair that day. What more do you need?! I didn't correct anyone, it's not that important, but com'on people.

Around the house we've been having a good time playing with Miss M and the dogs. More like they've been having a good time together. I can only hope that this turns into a playmate situation when Miss M learns to throw the ball. Because really, why would anyone have a kid besides to have a ball thrower for thier dog? I can't think of any other reason.

Maybe Mr. Zimny can.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rewarding yourself

As some might know, there has been a little stress in the Lloyd house with all the "Are you sure your husband and you aren't related?" talk and tests, tests, and tests to see if Miss M is "normal". So after they sent the last batch of tests in we planned little rewards for ourselves for keeping it all (relatively) together. We, and by We, I mean Me, decided that if the first set of tests came back normal we would treat ourselves to a nice dinner out, and the grandparents to a night with their "normal" grandkidlet.
The day has come! First tests indicate normal on all fronts! Normal as normal could be! Totally norm-tacular! Dinner! Yay!
Now we just have to find the 1)time and 2) motivation to actually get out by ourselves and find a decent restaurant to treat ourselves at.
If the second round comes back normal we get to... gasp.....go somewhere overnight. We'll take that challenge when it comes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Car Scent

I think as a new mom you are allowed some Rookie Moves. That doesn't mean you want anyone to see you making those moves. But sometimes they are so ridiculous you have to share your stupidity with others. Like this time.

I pack up Miss M and go to the gas station for one of those cheap drive through car washes. The person in front of me is a really, really old man in a flashy car. Which is a bit off the subject, but I still I think it's funny. Miss M is in the backseat. We are sitting in the sun, waiting, waiting, watching him input the code 4 times, not realizing he just needs to pull his car forward to start the machine. I roll the windows down because it is so warm. Finally he gets out of the car because he can't figure it out, but by now the attendant is on his way to tell the old man to just pull forward. Which the old man does and gets his car washed. I pull up and enter the code, roll up the windows and pull foward. The car is being washed. After about 30 seconds, I feel something wet on my neck, I look back and I realize I left Miss M's window down about 4 inches. Water is spraying everywhere in the back seat. Crap! I roll up the window. The car wash finishes and I drive home in a new low of Rookie Mom shame.

I pull up to the driveway, and race to open up the back door to get Miss M out. I expect a mildly wet, cold, very unhappy baby.

What I get is a totally drenched, hair plastered to her face, perfectly asleep baby, with little soap bubbles scattered around her.

I go inside and tell Mr. Zimny what happened. He laughs, picks her up and says "MMmmm that new car scent!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is it possible that you and your husband are related?

Yes, if you go to see a genetic councilor they will ask you "Is it possible that you two are related in any way?". Multiple times. As if you accidentally said "no" the first time, but meant "why yes, we're first cousins!"
So, after a couple hard weeks of hearing Drs tell us all about the worst possibilities of Miss M's health we finally saw someone who made us feel a bit better. We met with a really nice geneticist who told us that he when he looked at Miss M he didn't see any glaring problems, and that it's a good thing. He talked us through the steps of testing for chromosomal disorders and what specific things they will be looking for.
With all the possibilities of imprinting, duplication, transcription, and deletion I kept thinking that it is freaking amazing that anyone is born "normal". I mean really, it's a miracle that anyone is ever conceived, let alone born and survives through childhood.
Anywaaaayyys....... back to the funny questions. After they carefully examine your child (I mean, they pull out the ruler and measure eyeball size, angle, spacing, they count the lines on the inside of the hand... everything!) they take a complete family history.
They ask you about your parents, your aunts, uncles, cousins, your grandparents. They ask about everyone's health, what they died of, etc. You might think you know your family. But when asked to report on any health conditions they might have, you might find yourself like me saying "umm... I think they're healthy....". You just assume that since you haven't heard Aunt Jackie complain about something that she's healthy.
But then you remember the wierdest thing, about the distant cousin and you suprise yourself. I kinda wonder what my distant family would remember about me to tell thier genestisist ..... probably "Oh, I hear she's related to her husband!"
And on with the pictures! (Click to enlarge)

It's true.... the little munchkin can sit up on her own (at least for a little bit)!
She also likes listening to her talking teadybear thingy: