Saturday, June 27, 2009

Basking in the Sun

Earlier this month the three of us (+ 2 dogs) took a long weekend up on the coast. It was just what we needed. Mr. Zimny got to do some really hard bike rides and M and I got to spend some time in just hanging out - mostly on the deck.

Miss M needed to run some energy out....

When the deck got old we drove out to Armstrong woods. One morning we came across a tiny blind mouse-y thing, which was cool because we could get really close to it and it didn't run away. Since then I've learned it was a vole. So a vole is a blind mole and not a vampire mole as originally thought. You learn something new everyday!

Miss M learned that "beach" really just means sand buffet. We're going back soon!


I am the pudding monsta! Give me your pudding or I will eat your arm!

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Trick

Maryn's picked up a new trick....

We're hoping for a one and three at some point, but whatever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicken updates.

Update: Chickens still alive, Friday still insanely interested.
If it's been a while since you've seen them, here is a little montage of their progress so far:
Gobbling aphids off some greens:

Learning to perch:

Their awkward (feathers filling in) stage:

Now they live outside. This was partially due to the fact that they were getting too big for their inside box and the weather has been so mild, but mostly it is due to the fact that they were so freaking smelly that they had to go outside. Like NOW.

They've been doing pretty well and we've been trying to give them more time outside the cage. They aren't very adventurous and keep within a few feet of where you set them. They love hunting for bugs and eat greens ravenously, even grass. They are as yet unnammed, but we called them The Dot (Wyandotte) and The Leghorn. The Dot is definitely the leader and the more strong willed. She acts like the sky is falling everytime you pick her up, while The Leghorn is very mild mannered and friendly. Miss M likes to try and water them with the watering can and tries to feed them popsicles. They are not too keen on any of that, but the good thing is that they are quick enough to stay out of her way!

Garden Sucess!

I've never been able to grow carrots before, and originally thought this year was another total bust. I took the carrots pretty seriously this season, amending the soil with washed sand and peat moss, everything I had read about. I also planted some radishes near the carrots, which made nice greens, but never any radishes. I figured the carrots were doing the same thing, sprouting nice healthy tall greens but not actually producing anything under the soil. So I decided just to dig them up and put the containers away. When I dug them up, lo and behold, I found carrots! My first real carrots!
Look at them so orange and tender!

Let's look at them with some perspective.

That's right. The longest was roughly 1.5 inches long. Like a barbie carrot. I guess not a total bust, but seriously?! It's like they are just teasing me.

The start of updates....

So, long time no blog, huh? Yeah. Well, as usual, I'd love to say that there is a good reason for the lack of updates, but there isn't. I've been reminded several times that I have a backlog and it's gotten to the point where there have been offers of babysitting in hopes that I would use the time wisely and UPDATE THE FREAKING BLOG. Ok... here it goes.

Think back a couple of months... back to say, easter. This was Miss M's first easter complete with an easter egg hunt so of course it was a well attended event. All the major sacramento players (grandpartents) were there, and Meeshmellow and Sir Buffington were also good enough to play along.
For the couple of weeks prior, we had been practicing egg hunting with Miss M, so she was pretty much a pro by the big day. (We didn't want her to freeze under the watchful gaze of all her spectators.)
Meeshmellow and I hid a couple dozen plastic eggs that had been dutifully filled with popcorn and other non-candy snacks. When I handed her the basket, I was pretty sure she would look and find a couple and then give up.... but oh, no.

She was very thorough! She kept going until her basket was full, and then some. After every egg was accounted for she started opening them up, finding all the yummy goodies and... wait for it... feeding them to the dogs.

Besides giving the dogs snacks she occupied herself trying to kiss Pebbles, who wised up pretty quick:

At least the finding part was a success!