Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pay back is a female dog.

We have two dogs... 
an older black lab, Beta, who is sensible, quiet and well behaved
and a younger pointer, Friday,  who is... none of those things. 
Since the very beginning of their time together, the Friday has always sat on Beta. We're not talking about a "snuggle so close she's almost sitting on Beta" type of thing. We're talking about sitting like a normal dog, front feet on the ground, but with her rear end squarely on Beta's back/head/side/rear. Like a 70lb dog sitting on a 80lb dog shaped bench.
This taken when Friday was just a pup, so take this pic and add 40lbs to her.

Everyone comments on it, we always thought Friday would grow out of it, or that Beta would stop putting up with it when Friday got too heavy. But it just kept going on. Now when it happens, Beta just growns and gives us a look that we can only interpret to mean "Wasn't I a good dog? Things were perfect before this Thing came. Why is this happening?"
Now she has a reason to be happy:
Oh, how the tables have turned
I guess now it's Friday's turn to look at us and say:
"Things were perfect before this Thing came. Why is this happening?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Easter in January

It's about time! Our new chickens started laying eggs in January. Mary, who is an Ameraucana breed lays green shelled eggs (just as we hoped). Ameraucana chickens look a little different, with fluffy neck feathers and a short, hookish beak. To me they look a little hawk like.

Not our Mary, but looks just like her!
 Our other new chicken, Shirley, is a Barred Rock and lays brown eggs.
Again, not Shirley, but a splitting image!
Our Shirley is always fluffy so she looks really fat all the time. She is such a good chicken, really personable and doesn't mind being held or petted. She is very aggressive about food, so if you have some she is your best friend!

Of course there was excessive documentation of the  first eggs!
Both a little smaller than "jumbo"eggs, but decent size for first eggs!
As usual, the yolk is proportionally bigger that store bought eggs.
Hard to see here, but after we hard boiled the green shelled eggs, the inside of the shell is a light blue. 
Easter will be interesting this year... what will the green eggs look like when we color them?
 Maybe we won't color them at all!