Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This weekend, between home improvement and baby showers, I was finally able to take my dad to the roller derby.  This time the bout was in a sports complex in the industrial section of a small town, a venue I had never been to before
On the way there, my father said "Doesn't it feel like we're going to a fight club?". I think that pretty much describes the back alley feeling of the whole thing.
The place turned out to be ok but I did wish that there had been cotton candy available at the snack bar. There is just no substitute for that. As an adult I feel that it is my right to have cotton candy at every chance, and roller derby should be one of those chances.
Starting the first Jam - waiting for the whistle.
Deis Irea and Alethal Weapon as Jammers
Anyways, I lost a buck to my dad betting which team would win. I picked the team with my favorite jammer -Quick Fire. I like her because she is very quick, but also because she's small but can take some pretty hard hits.
However, dad's team also had a star jammer, La Lucha. She is undeniably fast and can squeeze through the pack like she is covered in butter. I'm pretty sure that is exactly how my dad likes to envision her. Best of all, she is quite a showman (show-woman?) on the rink and fun to watch.
Dad and La Lucha
What really brought his team to victory was their defense- a really strong and talented pack. Dad picked it out during practice.
We're going back next month... maybe I'll bring my own cotton candy this time.