Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daddy's little girl

Alex's birthday was this week, so she got herself a little present. And by present I mean that she paid someone to stab her with a needle a million times. I think I'd rather just get a card.

But to each thier own. Doesn't it look awesome?
Dad.... don't even think about it. No.

No one likes a Johnny Jump Up

Ok, I lied.

When a sticky note won't do......

So I had this idea. I wanted to paint the inside of the front door with blackboard paint. But after a couple rounds of negotiations over frozen yogurt (no, we're not over Big Spoon yet) we settled on one of our kitchen doors:

It totally seemed like an ok idea at the time. But now I realize.. it was a fantastic idea!
It has brought out a bit of a creative side...

And also some graffiti artistry...

So it's been fun. I'd kinda recomend it to just about anyone. Oh and if you have to negotiate, here's a little piece of advice: Blueberry frozen yogurt with blueberries on top. Works every time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Army Crawl 101

So Miss M is semi-mobile now. Slow, but mobile.
Here is a short clip. (for some reason it is showing 2 clips, but really they are the same one and only the first one works)

All the activity makes her a little tired.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reduced to 7th Graders by Frozen Yogurt

Ok, over the past year or so the Porter-Zimny-Busch gang (that's Me, Brian and Brian's cousin Alex who lives here, for those wondering) has become increasingly obsessed with frozen yogurt from TCBY.

It probably all started with Alex. Sure we liked frozen yogurt and ice cream before, but then Alex started with this whole " Sunday is Sundae day!" thing. So we'd go to the store, get all the fixin's and make Sundaes on Sunday. Roughly 10 lbs later, we decided single servings of non-fat frozen yogurt were more reasonable.

Which brings us to the problem. TCBY closes at 9. We never decide we want frozen yogurt until 8:45. When we didn't have Miss M, it wasn't that hard to make it there in time. Now we only make it there about 1/2 the time. More than once have they been locking up as we pull in.

This was a problem until Brian found out about this place, The Big Spoon down on Jst. It's a self serve frozen yogurt place. You pick up a cup and choose from 6 different flavors of frozen yogurt. Then you choose from a table of liquid toppings like caramel sauce, hot apple pie filling, magic shell, etc. Then you move on to the hard toppings, phase I. These are the maraschino cherries, your basic candy bar pieces like twix, snickers, etc. Then it is hard toppings phase II. This consists of an entire wall o' candy. Gummy bears, sprinkles, chocolate chips, bubble gum, Nerds, etc. When you are done, you take it up to the register and they weigh it.
FYI, it's cheap and it closes at 11. What could be better? Oh, right, if it was next door. Actually, it's probably better for all our health if it is at least a little drive away.
Here was a review I read of the Big Spoon :
"The bowl size at Big Spoon is directly proportional to the size of your ass if you eat here too often."

Anyways..... for all of us who went to Cal Poly, or were lucky enough to spend time in SLO, we hold a place called Bali's close to our hearts. It is a local frozen yogurt shop with 2 locations in SLO, running on the same basic principles. Get your yogurt, pile on the toppings, get it weighed and pay. A very good deal and open until either 11 or midnight, I can't remember. What I do remember is getting my cup of yogurt, putting on a layer of toppings, and then filling another cup with toppings. Because when you eat that first layer of toppings off, you'll want more. See? It's a great strategy. Eat, sprinkle, eat, sprinkle. God, I loved Bali's.

I read a review of The Big Spoon that claimed that a couple who went to Cal Poly moved here to Sacramento and the woman missed Bali's so much that they opened something just like it - The Big Spoon.
I need to buy those people a drink.

But on with the story. So we have the whole gang there, Alex, Brian, me, and Miss M all zonked out in her car seat, unaware of the yogurt extravaganza swirling around her.
Us "adults" are munching on our yogurt, people watching. I snarkily comment on the fashion choices of some girls standing near us.
But then one of the workers comes over, sweeping candy pieces off the floor. As she leans over, I notice that her jeans are about to give her plumber's crack. The waist line is going lower, lower, but no crack is showing. It gets to the point that crack is eminent. But, no crack. It's hard to explain, but the whole things made it look like she had no crack. I mean none. Can you be born with a really short crack? I mean, 2/3 butt cheek showing, and no crack? It was a modern miracle. Alex and I marveled over it. We couldn't belive that no crack showed. The amazingness of it is hard to describe.
Brian says he's gonna use the bathroom before we head out. He walks off, but immediately comes back and reports:
"I'll wait. The handle to the bathroom is covered in strawberry sauce".
Laughter ensues. We realize that frozen yogurt has the ability to turn us into 7th graders. One more reason to go.

Just kickin' it.

Maryn has just been kickin' it on the couch. Maxin', Relaxin', ya know, just kickin' it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The First Annual Last Fling Party

By naming it the "first annual Last Fling Party", I am implying that there will be a second annual, and a third.....
Because it was that much fun!
We called it the Last Fling Party because it was the possibly the last time the crew could get together before the school year started (3 of us are teaching) and the grape harvest started (2 are working at a (killer) winery), and before Lis overflowed with baby.
Here is an equation for you:

(Friends + Family that are like Friends + Fantastic Food + Great Weather + Lawn Games + Board Games)^margaritas = fun! (that is fun factorial, not just an enthusiastic fun)

I am really sorry now that I didn't take more pictures, but here are a few.

The only hiccup was that our friends Lis and Troy couldn't make it. Because Lis's water broke, and they were having a baby while we were munching on shrimp tacos! That is about the best excuse I've ever heard.