Friday, November 21, 2008

We've been a little snuggly lately, part II

Just because we need to make dinner does not excuse anyone from snuggle time.

"You want me?! You'll have to come in here and get me."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We've been a little snuggly lately.

M has been learning all kinds of new ways to get what she wants. First it was the "oh, look at me hug my baby sweetly." Then came the "oh, let me snuggle against you and totally disarm you until I can find something within reach to throw". Exhibit A:
You might not be able to tell, but secretly she is planning my undoing right there.

Then came the final blow of "you don't like what I am doing?! Let me kiss you! In fact, let me kiss the dog, and my baby, then you again...". Folks, we are in for some rough, although be it very cute roads.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been instructed to update the blog more. Understood.
This last weekend was the long awaited trip to Disneyland. Handygram arranged a trip down to Anaheim to meet Alex and Gloria and for the adults of the house to go to disneyland! It seems a little wrong not to have taken little miss sassypants (aka Miss M) to disneyland, but we had all kinds of justifications (available upon request).

On Friday we drove down, stopping often for Miss M to run off some steam. We arranged to meet some friends from LA for dinner and had some great chinese food. We did stop along the way to pick up some late morning pea soup, and to take a picture.

On Sat morning, M went off with Handygram while the cousins, BZ, and I went into the park.
We had a great day, the lines were short and the weather was nice. Oh. Well except for the ash raining from the sky most of the day. The fires in SoCal provided a great cloud cover which kept the day from getting too hot, but also covered us in ash a couple times and made us all water-eyed.
It totally didn't keep us from riding all the good rides about a million times.
Our only difficulty was deciding the seating order on Splash mountain. Here is a diagram to illustrate the importance of seat placement in relation to how much you want to look like you peed your pants. (click to enlarge)

Now. Let's just say we went on this ride enough that there were some "discussions" and we all took turns being in the front. Let's also say that we tried some different poses for the pictures. This was the final ride of the day, we call this pose "bear":

Let me point out a few key things:
Again, let's also say that this was one of the less ridiculous poses we tried. The others were not exactly fit to print.....
Besides Splash Mountain, we also went on everything else....including the tea cups. We made the mistake of making it a competition, where the winning cup got a churro. The Busch girls prepared themselves:

And in the heat of the competition, Mr. Zimny gave himself this:

So he was awarded the churro.

At this time I would like to use this space to now show off the photogenic nature of the Busch family.

All in all, it was a great trip with great family! It makes us look forward to the holidays!