Sunday, March 30, 2008

It looks like she got my hair.

I accept that I have my share of crazy hair moments. I generally call them morning time.
It seems that Miss M was blessed/cursed (take your pick) with crazy hair too, and oh, I have evidence.
Exhibit A: In the bath tub.

Now, I admit it, this is a bit staged.
But! The potential was there.
A lot of potential!

Exhibit B: The Dr. Emit Brown
(picture taken on a totally different day).
This is where the true potential of Miss M's crazy hair is realized.

She can attain all of the following
1) a blond afro
2) sleek, close to the head curls
3) 1/2 super wispy and straight, 1/2 kinda curly. We call this the Emit Brown hair style because it's kinda like the crazy doctor from Back to the Future, as seen here:

It's a crap shoot what she'll end up with every day.
She definitely got my hair.

The key is lots of bubbles....

Miss M was graced with a daddy bath this weekend. Baths are usually mommy-baby time, but we decided to switch it up a little. Mr. Zimny got the bath running (with lots of Mr. Bubble!) while I got Miss M undressed and ready. I sat on the toilet and watched and talked to them while they played. After a few minutes Mr. Zimny asked me if I was ok... as in, was I ok not being in the bath. I took that as a clue that I should give them their time alone......
But not before I snapped this classic pick:

After the bath Mr. Zimny told me that there was an "issue" after most of the bubbles were gone. Miss M started trying to grab for "things" that weren't bath toys. While there were bubbles, she couldn't really see below the water, but as the bubbles popped she started noticing "things". As Mr. Zimny says "the key is lots of bubbles....".

Sunday, March 16, 2008

IFC does not mix well with TIVO

So we discovered that we get IFC (Independent Film Channel), which is about the quirkiest and fun channel on cable.

Here are the pros of IFC :
1) There aren't commercial breaks!
2) The movies are uncut. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but considering the kind of movies IFC tends to show, if the bad words were bleeped there wouldn't be any dialog. It would just be one long bleep.
3) The Whitest White Kids U'Know are on IFC. It's a show from the writers of Kids in the Hall. It is freaking funny - how can you not laugh at a rap song about dinosuars? I tried once. My head almost exploded.
4) You can see all the movies that major celebrities hope no one ever sees again. The movies they made before they cared about how much money they'd get. Before they had a career to ruin.

It also at least a couple cons.
1) You will get caught up watching crazy french movies that only show at 4am on the Independent Film Channel. I'm not sure there is any lower standard.
2) The is a lack of movies with romantic happy endings. If you are looking for the guy to end up with the cute girl instead of the nerdy guy, you're watching the wrong channel.
3) You can't watch ANY of these movies in front of your child. EVER. See pro #2.

So.... here we are. It's 12:04am on a Sunday.
We're watching a movie about strippers.
It's not a happy go lucky movie, if you know what I mean.

Here's a quote from Jennifer Tilly's character:
"I'm gonna have this kid! I'm gonna have this kid and
it's gonna grow up and sell drugs to your kid."

If you were to make a graph (and oh, I might!) of actors vs the number of their movies that are shown on IFC, Jennifer Tilly would be one of the highest scorers. It's just a guess.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You turn your head for a second.....

And your baby turns into a pirate!
Maybe not.
But when I said "You turn your head for a second...." you totally thought I'd finish it up with a "your baby falls and gets a goose egg" or something...didn't you?
Or maybe you're an optimist... and you thought I'd follow it up with a "your baby takes her first step".
Huh... Maybe I underestimated you.
Anyways. We finally made it on The Morning Walk
that I promised Miss M. Oh, you know The Walk.
It's The Walk that I promised we'd take if they actually opened
the Crack Shop around the corner from our house.
And by Crack Shop, I mean Starbucks. It's the same thing.
I told Miss M that if it actually opened it would be a good excuse to take a walk in the morning. True to my word, we made the 14 minute trek this morning. After we de-pirated the baby hat.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coming to a tub near you!

Fat and Naked with Bubble Beard.

Like a baby with a real facial hair, but more cute and less weird.

Baby Bites

For anyone who has ever tried to feed Miss M, this might actually mean something. For those who haven't, you'll just have to trust that it is significant.

In one sitting...... a whole container of baby food in one meal. It was almost too good to be true, but it happened again at daycare the next day and at home the next night. We are on a 4 day eating spree right now!
Mr. Zimny and I theorized that there has been some experiment where our baby has been secretly switched with her opposite -a baby that now eats, but doesn't sleep. But it turned out that the not sleeping was a new TOOTH. It 's a TOOTH and not a tooth because it 's a big'n. It's a lower side tooth and looks like it really hurt. So now we have a baby that both sleeps and eats...
can you say happy family?! Miss M can't - she's got a mouth full of food!