Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maryn and the Brocoli

It's safe to say that Maryn doesn't like broccoli. Yet. Which is fine with us because her gas is already bad enough.
Her aversion to broccoli and her new found motorboat sound has given us something new to laugh at. It looks like she is trying to get a fly off of her lip or something.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mom + Burp sound = laughter

On Monday I decided my next career move would be to stand up comedy.
It was an easy room, all I had to do is make burping noises.

Unless you double click on the video and then click on the second to the far right button,
it will look a bit squished. Sorry 'bout that.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Plane Trip: A success.

This last weekend we traveled to meet family in San Diego. Alex was able to arrange a fancy limo to take us to the airport.
Here's a little piece of advice: If someone ever asks you "hey, would you like me to arrange for a limo to pick us up at the house and take us to the airport?", the answer is heck yeah.
But when you arrive and the chauffeur opens the door for you, it's hard to pull off the "look at me, I'm so cool arriving at the airport in a limo" deal when you have to go to the other side and unstrap the baby car seat. But still, limo ride to airport = cool. And by cool I mean toally sweet.

We arrived late on Friday night. Did you notice how I didn't mention the horrible first plane ride for Miss M? The one filled with crying in ear pain, fidgeting and crankiness? Yeah. That's because it didn't exist. Here is a two photo synopsis of the plane ride.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

On Saturday, we spent the day at the park with family and honoring Grandma Jan. The food and company were great and we wore funny hats while playing boccie ball. My kind of party!
Here's another little piece of advice: If you ever have to play boccie ball with the devil for your soul, pick me as a partner. Evidently I kinda kick butt. But only if I get to wear a funny hat**.

On Sunday Brian, Miss M and I went to the San Diego Zoo:

Ok, ok, that was a re-enactment. But the real thing was pretty fun too.
We were able to get there right as they were opening, which was super cool because the animals were pretty active. We got to see the gorilla kids playing and beating on the glass in front of us, the polar bears wrestling and the tiger roaring. There wasn't a big animal that we didn't get to see doing it's thing. Even the usually sluggish hippos were playing in the water.
M watched the monkeys and got to pet some animals at the petting zoo:

All in all it was a great day followed up by a nice family dinner:
Maryn had another quiet trip on the plane, but we could tell she was happy to be home:

Home is where your crab is.

** Actually, kick buttness is not guaranteed. It was probably beginners luck.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The New Face of Trouble:

On Tuesday morning I go to wake Maryn up, and this is what I find. Maryn standing in her crib. By herself.
The camera happened to be near the door, so I reached for it and snapped a couple pictures. Notice the tired eyes, the "mom, stop taking pictures and picked me up already" pained look on her face?

It's a bit different than most mornings when I come in to find things like this:
So Brian has had to lower her crib so that she doesn't fall out. Which now means that it is sooooo low that you practically have to get in it with her to lay her down. It's better than a trip to the hospital though, so I'll take it.

Data that I have collected this week:
You read it right. Although she willing to crawl up to 7 feet to get at something that is not good for her (dirty shoes?!), she is willing to crawl 0 feet to toys.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Tooth Watch, Day 200: The Day Something Happened

In general, we've thought Miss M was teething constantly for about 7 months now. You know, because we're first time parents, and we don't know better.

She's drooling? Obviously she is teething.

A little fever? Teething.

Gnawing on everything?! A tooth is on the way!

....and so on for the last 7 months. ...

But! Today we have confirmation that SOMETHING is actually happening.
Independently observed by both parents, we see that there is in fact a presence of hardness in Maryn's mouth.

You don't believe us do you? You've heard it sooo many times.
We're like the parents that called Tooth!
We're also the parents who would totally take a picture mid-teething to prove it.
Don't you just love the semi-suprised look?

She's like a deer in headlights. A teething deer in headlights!

A little closeup:
Do you see it? Yeah, really neither do we. But we see something. And it feels hard. It's a tooth. So there.