Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girlz night out.

We're not big on V-day around here (and Mr. Zimny was gone anyways) so Miss M and I decided to have a little girls night out.
We ended up eating a dinner of hot wings at Hooters with two lesbians because "no one should be alone on Valentine's Day, especially a SINGLE MOTHER".
Seriously. A direct quote.
Just that part of the story alone deserves a post,
but it's not really going to get one.
After dinner we went home, got into pajamas and moved straight
to the hard core eating of peanut butter cups in bed.
Miss M was nice (read:sleepy) enough to let me paint her toes, although she wasn't willing to reciprocate. We'll work on that for next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Voices of the past.

We've all been there... Attempting a tricky maneuver and heard a parent's voice whispering words of advice in your mind.
I consider myself lucky to have two dads. I do not consider myself lucky to have two dads voices in my head while I am trying to build things. It's almost as if they are trying to talk over each other.

Dad Voice 1: "Measure twice cut once."
Dad Voice 2: "Use the right tool for the job."
Dad Voice 1: "Think it through before you start."
Dad Voice 2: " I agree, but make sure you have the right tools."
Dad Voice 1: " He's right, anything worth doing is worth doing right."

All I wanted was a shelf and thanks to a childhood filled with construction based lessons, I now have one.
As you can see, it's a perfect one, exactly level.
Who knew that it could be achieved with the help(ha!) of this:
While I have many things to credit my fathers for, I think it's the mothers of the world who taught me how to do those things while simultaneously feeding a toddler cheezits and keeping her away from the array of "right tools for the job" I had on hand.
Also, I realized that I always hear dad voices giving advice in my head, but as far as my mom goes, I just see her giving me "the look". That pretty much sums up my childhood.
So thanks to my mothers and fathers for all the lessons learned. I think I might go and put up another shelf now, 'cause you know, "practice makes perfect."