Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The grass is always greener in a big girl room

So... we did it. Just barely, but we actually got Miss M's room ready and her moved in by Monday night. At like 11:55pm. Whatever.

And on with the dramatic before, during and after pictures.....

Before - empty and yet full of loneliness...geez, does it get anymore dramatic than that?!

During-with Mr. Zimny taking care of strangling hazard type coax cables:

During- with lovely grass, painstakingly (read: hurriedly and with great back strain) painted by mom.

Because every yellow walled baby's room needs random green grass...Why?
FYI: It's especially hard to stencil something when 1)you don't actually have a stencil and are forced to make one and 2)you've never actually stenciled something before.
But after doing like 6 feet, the grass kinda grew on me. Ha! get it... GREW on me.... 'cause it's grass...right. Anyways, now I really like it.

During- While Miss M decides exactly where in her huge room she will store her various helmets and stuffed animals. You can never have enough storage space for these things....

After- with Miss M in her crib. 'Cause it's like 11 or something and shouldn't babies be in bed by then? You'd think her parents would be more responsible than that. Geez.

Oh.... a note about responsible parenting. Say you get away from the baby for an evening. You decide to go out and have a nice time with your friends... but you feel like there is something missing... a little baby sized void... it's good to have a replacement. But remember, safety first - strap it in.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just Trying to Help

This weekend starts the changes to Miss M's room. Thanks to grandpa R.L. it is now painted a lovely and cheerful yellow.

Grandpa R.L. : " Does this color please you my Princess?"
Miss M : " It will do for now, and yes, two coats will be necessary. Do not let any drip... if I see one drip on my floor..I'll take you by the collar and...."
Grandpa R.L. : "Yes, Princess, yes, what ever you desire..."

And as a side note, while typing this I realized that I couldn't call my dad grandpa Randy on here because there are two grandpa Randys. Thats never been a problem until now.

Anyways.... Miss M helped a little too....

At first she was the tape holder.... but as you can tell by the look on her face here, she became a bit bored with that job. This look means something like "Woman, your actions have become tiresome. Stop putting stuff on my head, give me that camera and let's go play airplane."
When I turned my head for a second she took it upon herself to become "helpful":

By the end of this long weekend, I'm hoping to give both before and wonderful after pictures.... if someone could just stop being "helpful"....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A little something different

I went to get a hair cut on Friday, and came home with this:

I know you expected pictures of like a crew cut or something, but to me straight hair is about as drastic. It's the first time in my life that I've had straight, non-poofy hair. It's probably only fun because it's temporary... but it'll be fun while it lasts.

This is what an empty heart looks like.

Alex is gone.